Haunted Forests Part 1

This week I thought I’d switch gears a little bit and dive into a topic a little bit more on the morbid side: Haunted Forests. I’m going to ever so briefly cover three different haunted forests today.

Aokigahara forest aka “the sea of trees” and “the suicide forest” is located on the northwestern flank of Mount Fuji on the island of Honshu in Japan.
It has a reputation as a home to ghost and has also gained the reputation of one of the worlds most used suicide spots. Sign are posted at the entrance to the forest as well as along trails urging suicidal visitors to not proceed and to reach out to a suicide prevention association.

CNN did a report in January of 2018 that the forests “dark reputation has been around for decades” and that “more than 100 people who weren’t from the area committed suicide there between 2013 & 2015.”
From my understanding, since around the 1970’s annual body searches are conducted. They’ve also stopped publicizing the forest as much in an attempt to decrease the number of suicides.

If you look up pictures of the forest you’ll see it’s an absolutely beautiful place, yet it has an odd eerie feeling about it. Honestly, while I was looking at pictures my chest started to get heavy. I don’t know if it’s because of what goes on there and you can just feel the impact of it when you look at the forest.
So it does raise questions…such as; why this place? Is it because it’s vast and if you stray from the trails you could be lost forever…never to be found again? Or, maybe just maybe, there really is something spook spook about the forest. If looking at pictures are enough to make my chest heavy I can only imagine how I would feel standing inside of it.

Who knows…we’ll never really know why this place. It’s all speculation.

***I would like to put a disclaimer here and just say that if you or anyone you know struggles with thoughts of suicide or harm in any way please don’t hesitate to reach out to a loved one or a professional. We all have struggles and it’s perfectly okay to talk to someone about them, never be afraid to reach out. You can reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255***

This next one I wasn’t going to cover because I have a thing about dolls…in that I don’t like them…they creep me out very much.
But it just seemed so interesting that I put my fear aside and did some research and will now have nightmares forever over the pictures. You’re welcome.

This next forest is called Isla de las Munecas aka “The Island of the Dolls.”
The legend is this: a little girl drowned in mysterious circumstances on the island and a doll was hung in her honor as a way to settle her spirit. It all seems swell but the legend also states that all the dolls that have been accumulated over the years are possessed by her spirit and they come alive at night.

According to unusualplaces.org the caretaker of the island hung the first doll to “appease her tortured soul and protect the island from further evil.” The caretaker would later become extremely troubled over the death of this girl and become obsessed with hanging more and more dolls. “He believed that he could make the girl happy and keep evil at bay.”

Apparently the dolls are still located on the island and it’s open to visitors. Also, the Ghost Adventure team has been to the island and claim they heard laughing coming from one of the dolls.

My personal thoughts on it are the island is creepy as all get out but if you remember I don’t like dolls. I could barely get through pictures. It’s definitely not going to end up on my bucket list however, I do fully believe the stories that the dolls come to life but that’s just me…I believe in this kind of stuff. You take from it what you will.

The last forest I’m going to cover in this part is Hoia Baciu. Located in Romania the forest is said to be Romania’s “Bermuda Triangle.”

I’m just going to say it…I got the heavy chest feeling again looking at photos. The trees grow in all these weird shapes and then there’s a place where absolutely nothing grows whatsoever. It’s eerie you guys.

You can bike and hike the trails but I don’t recommend it. According to an article by TheTravel.com done in April this year (2021) “alleged paranormal phenomena that occur here has to do with time travel and bizarre disappearances.” It’s said that people go into the forest and disappear forever or come out years later looking exactly as they did when they disappeared.
More paranormal activity has been reported at Hoia Baciu than almost any other location. We’re talking ghosts, UFO sightings and a portal to another dimension.

An article on TheBeeHive.com recounts a story of someone who visited the forest in July of 2017 and it’s just wow. To sum up his story; he went into the forest, saw a ghost and naturally booked it out of there. Exactly 48 hours later, per one of the themes of the “side effects” of the forest, he fell ill with a fever and had horrible vivid dreams. Then his skin starting peeling off in layers (like a sunburn) from his hands and feet.

Well, this is where I leave you. You guys take what you will from all this but all I can say is that you’re not going to find me anywhere near one of these places, especially this last one.

If you guys are planning on traveling to them or somewhere else just remember to always be safe and make smart choices.

As always, thanks so much and hope you enjoyed!

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Hoia Baciu-Romania

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